Adventures in Cheesmaking

This all started out as a curiosity. Like most stuff we eat there is a rich history behind it. Centuries of experimentation. Cheese is just another example.

From the horse back tribes of the Asian Steppes to the Silk Road camel caravans to Romans Legions to European Monks to today, milk was a great source of nutrition but spoiled quickly and was heavy to transport.

The answer was cheese.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ricotta July 4th

Took the whey from the one gallon full cream milk mozzarella.

Heated it to nearly boiling with slow heat and stirring.

Was expecting a floating curd but what you get is a fine floc.
Added a glug if white vinegar but in future I don't think this will be necessary.

Let it cool a bit then filtered it through a coffee filter which was very slow but worked

Yield was low about 3 tablespoons but quality look and tasted good. Squeezed filter in cheese cloth.


Next time use fine cheese cloth  and allow to cool - perhaps add a bit more milk to increase yields.

Keep whey and use to store the mozzarella.

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