Adventures in Cheesmaking

This all started out as a curiosity. Like most stuff we eat there is a rich history behind it. Centuries of experimentation. Cheese is just another example.

From the horse back tribes of the Asian Steppes to the Silk Road camel caravans to Romans Legions to European Monks to today, milk was a great source of nutrition but spoiled quickly and was heavy to transport.

The answer was cheese.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick Cottage Cheese - quick yes, cottage cheese no, tasty - perhaps

There are plenty of recipes out there for "Quick" vinegar based cottage cheese. So I tried it out.

1/2 gallon of skimmed milk
Heat to 120F
Add a bit less than 1/2 cup white vinegar with lots of stirring slowly over 2 minutes
Let stand for 30 minutes
Drain through cheesecloth
Rinse under cold waster
Press to dry
Crumble and salt  and mix in some cream

Well - as you add the vinegar you get a great big glob of curd. I saw a lot of unreacted milky whey so added 5 drops of rennet. After 30 minutes drained and rinsed.

What you get is a chewy, mozzarella like crumble. I added some whole milk to make a cream crumble and then some fruit. It was OK but the texture was not what I wanted.

Next time I think I will try a rennet based method and see it I can get a softer texture.

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