Adventures in Cheesmaking

This all started out as a curiosity. Like most stuff we eat there is a rich history behind it. Centuries of experimentation. Cheese is just another example.

From the horse back tribes of the Asian Steppes to the Silk Road camel caravans to Romans Legions to European Monks to today, milk was a great source of nutrition but spoiled quickly and was heavy to transport.

The answer was cheese.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Camembert leaves the cave!

From the earlier Camembert production post September 4th - one month exactly ageing.

After production  they were placed in the cave. After 10 days in the 50F cave they had a good cover of mold. They were wrapped in breathable two layer cheese paper and placed in the cold cave 45F for another and a bit weeks.

One felt ready so we opened it up - great news - wonderful creamy center - mild but good taste. I think I got it at just the right time!

These turned out on the small side - about 5oz each - so 10oz from a 1/2 gallon. In future I would like to shoot for two 8 ounce - I'm thinking perhaps a gallon and make 2 larger ones and see how that goes.

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